Keep Your Hair Damage Free

4Farouk CHI hair products have many great features that make them one of the most popular CHI hair straighteners on the market today. You can expect that when you purchase a Farouk CHI hair straightener that you are getting a quality product that will offer you great looking hair without the damage that traditional straighteners do.

The CHI hair straightener uses a moisture heat instead of a dry heat that will damage and dry out your hair. You will find various styles of Farouk CHI straighteners such as the CHI Turbo 1 inch plate. A one inch plate is the perfect size plate for just about everyone. If your hair is very long you will probably want to use a bigger plate to reduce the amount of time it will take you too dry your hair. Your best bet is to read some of the reviews on the CHI Turbo 1 inch hair straightener to see what others are saying about this product from Farouk. There are many other CHI hair straighteners that you can find by reading the hair straightener reviews as well. This is the best method to increase the chances of you purchasing a good product that you actually like and don’t waste your money.

I would like to explain why the CHI hair straighteners are so good. When you are constantly using a hot iron on your hair you can expect that it will begin to become damaged from all of the heat that it endures on a daily or frequent basis.

As I mentioned earlier CHI flat irons use moist heat instead and not dry heat, but there is more than just the heat source that makes CHI flatirons better. The ceramic plates in the CHI flat iron will actually help to reduce the frizz in your hair because of the negative ions that are produced. Negative ions help to seal in the moisture and protect your hair from being damaged. Here’s some more good news. These same negative ions that protect your hair will also help to seal in the color of your color treated hair helping you to maintain that vibrant color for much longer.

In order to better protect your hair when you are using heating hair tools on a daily basis is to find a good heat protector to use. There are various products that you can purchase in different price ranges. But it’s important that you do everything that you possibly can to keep your hair looking healthy.

You can find the Farouk CHI Turbo in three different sizes – 0.7″, 1″ and 2″ for longer hair. All of the CHI Turbo hair straighteners come with super-fast evenly distributed heat. Some of Farouk CHI flat irons come with adjustable temperature dials that allow you the opportunity to find the perfect heating temperature that will not burn your hair, and also not force you to go over your hair more than once. This is one of my favorite features in a hair straightener since you have more control when you have delicate hair or thick hair.